Special documentation 474-

474.  Fieldfare, Lumsden NL.  Seen over main highway then around town, birded with Frank King and Barry a local birder both seen bird seperately and none of us photographed on that day.

478.  Black-capped gnatcatcher, Florida canyon, seen both male and female, seen with daughter and wife on trail just above gate

black capped gnatcatcher male


black-capped gnatcathcer female 2

480.  Spotted Owl (2), Two birds. Miller Canyon AZ. seen with Tom Beatty, wife, daughter and two hikers

spotted owl 1


483.  Violet crowned hummingbird.  Paton’s Patagonia AZ, seen with daughter, wife.

violet crowned hummingbird 2

489.  Red-billed pigeon (2).  Seen two birds fly-by with Gary Benderim, photographed by Gary, Saleneno, TX

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