The Falun Angels










December 28, 2015, Falun, Kansas

(pronounced as like fallen)

I took off this morning to position a car in south Texas for my Big Year.  If that interests you go to  I took off a day early to attempt to drive around a blizzard and then sneak in underneath it.



I took my daughter’s car and was led into the tempest with her good luck charm, Sealy, the dancing seal, my daughter won playing clothing-optional bingo, but again that is another story.



In general, Sealy worked her magic, but the roads in parts of Nebraska, were hideous, I can only imagine what they would be like east of me in Iowa.









If any of you read my novel the Enumerator, you would know I have an interest in Kansas, in fact, if things were different, I could live in this state.  In general it interests and fascinates me.  My cover looks like the sign at the border of the state.

The Enumerator Cover only Proof2

I blew into Kansas today and south of Salina I saw the sign for “Falun Road.”  I had

251px-Falun_vapen.svg to turn off the highway.  There are three places named Falun in this world.  I grew up in one of them, and it is named after the Provincial Capital of Dalarna province of Sweden, where my family is from.  I write a lot about Falun–Norse goddesses, UFOs, strange blue lights, ski jumps, and more.  I even own the rights to use the city logo in the USA

The third place named such is Falun Kansas which I see stuff occasionally on Ebay.  Until today, a place I had never been to.DSC_4972

Falun is centered in the Swedish area of Kansas and in general, the small berg has seen better days.  It is a few years older than my home town, but undoubtedly established by Swedes who didn’t believe in drinking and decided 1880s Sweden was entirely too liberal. At least my home town has a bait store, a U-haul dealer and two churches….Falun Kansas…well, it would be hard to even spend money here.


It has one church, but it was the correct one, Swedish Lutheran

Main street looked like most of it had been torn down and in fact, what was left also should be


They used to have a Motor Company, like my home town that was also curiously a Nash Rambler dealership.


Like my home town, the school was history and long gone.  Falun Wisconsin’s building burnt when I was in school.  This school was bigger and had all of these really gawdy donations like this wall donated from the class of 1923, which had twin gates.  There was a tower from the class of 1919, and other structures.  This was quite the construction.  Note that the clergy has to park here a full block from the church.  In Swedish tradition that the first shall be last.  It is curious why there is a parking problem in a town with hardly any cars and no traffic?


The town does have a post office, the post master drove home at 430. She passed me taking photos.  The only other activity I saw in town, was a possum crossing the road at the grain elevators.  The railroad no longer comes to this town and looks like it has been 40-50 years since they ripped up the tracks.  Falun WI never got the railroad.  It was staked to be a station in the 1920s but they never connected the track.

On the way out of town, I saw the carnage from the postmaster, she killed the one thing alive in this poor town.  She hit the possum!DSC_4973

Poor bugger…The dead possum was like a metaphor for both Faluns.  Alive and with much potential one moment and in an instant just a memory, and for no explainable reason.  It is much like my memories of my home town and to be honest, Falun was 20 years past its prime when I was a kid…sigh,

I drove out of town with a slight tear in my eye

oh well, at least Falun Sweden is a hapening place, in America…two fallen Angels

Off to Texas in morning after waking up in tonight’s flea bag motel, but heck, I got to have a second bed for FREE!  The owner was all proud of that.  He invited me to come watch the Denver game with him but I was too much in mourning for my hometown’s sister city.


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  1. Well, visiting Falun right before your Big Year, I think, makes for very good karma. Are you in Wellington? If so, you might be in the same flea-bag place where we stayed…once. Breakfast across the street is good. Safe travels!

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