August 25, 2014 “WTH does this mean?”

signsI was in Sweden this summer and in some cases sort of didn’t know what some of the signs meant but that was okay, it was Swedish.  There are all kinds of signs with lines and dashes and I never know which one is one way, I just figure as most Americans do that any Swede will see me coming and just get out of my way….correct?

I was sure everything would be crystal clear when we got to England…right?  We speak the same language…don’t we?  I am not so sure.

Okay what the heck is “Fly Tipping” sign above and will I get prosecuted?


WTF is busking?

The sign next to this lovely woman I may add….



Now as you can see below, some English signs are quite vague, like this footpath sign that seems to intersect with itself.london2 036 (3)





Maybe I needed to follow the advice and just eat ice cream…and keep calm….ice cream truck




My daughter is definitely calm…when she is eating ice cream

I ask you again what is busking and what is fly tipping and should I expect a bobbie to arrive and take me off in a lorry?

Confused and afraid but unfortunately not naked….




8 thoughts on “August 25, 2014 “WTH does this mean?”

  1. Yup, if you throw out garbage you will definitely get prosecuted, which is what the “No fly tipping” sign tells you. You will also get fined if you start playing music and singing in the street, as the “No busking” sign says.

    • I can never confuse a swede, but to correct fly tipping is throwing garbage is someone else’s can. I would be lying if I said I have never done that
      I have never busked though

  2. Seriously, is ” busking” not a US term, though well known to we Canadians? Now, fly tipping is a new one for me. When I am over in N. Ireland, I’ll look for unusual signs for your collection. I have kidnapped a version of the sign you read to place in our bathrooms:
    If it’s not paper, pee or pooh, do not flush it down the loo.

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