8/16/2014 There is always a bigger fish!

smoothrock 2014 big pikeAugust 16, 2013

I have found Swedes as very observant and people who can identify what it seems you can’t.  My friend Peter from east of Stockholm is no exception.  He had one sentence for me when I was lamenting about catching a fish of a lifetime.  “Olaf, there is always a bigger fish.”

Last year, after I had reached the zenith of my big year birding, a year that will be living out in infamy in my book to come out August 26, “Boobies, Peckers, and Tits, one man’s naked perspective.” I didn’t know what to do next, then I decided to catch one more large northern, two days later, I caught a 45 inch 28lb brute and then lamented about having no goals, and I actually got depressed.

This year, I proved that yes, Olaf, there is always a bigger fish.  On the first day of the 2014 version of my Pike Hunting Expedition, I caught and landed the above monster, a 32lb (just shy of 15Kg) 46 inch critter that wore me out landing it.  Okay….there is truly other fish to catch, including one I saw in Sweden six years ago, no less, that was easily 50lbs maybe more, much more.

I would like to say that this trip which also featured a second 20lb plus northern, unpictured as 41 1/2 inch…21 pound pike are just so …well…yawners.  It was the best trip ever as my boat partner and I caught 352 pike in 7 days of fishing in Smoothrock Lake in Ontario a total that will never be beat, but well there ARE always bigger fish and more fish, so maybe it will.

we also caught lots of walleyes…..well we didn’t we were catching pike but everyone caught scads osmoothrock cleaningf them,






I also went birding although nothing truly rare was found.  I did see a black-backed woodpecker which went un-photographed, and lots of gray jays..

gray jay smoothrock






A camp ruffed grouse and chicks….

grouse 4

All in all a good week of fishing, and except spending a hour on a island with some wet canoeists from Earlham College avoiding a tempest it was not noteworthy…just fish, more fish, bigger fish…this year I just sat there at the end of the trip and just absorbed the moment, the last cast the last fish the whole thing.

Some advice to one of Earlham’s new freshmen, if a cute senior girl asks you how you are feeling, are your clothes holding up, and if you are cold, don’t answer, “well besides not having changed my underwear if 6 days, fine!”  You answer, “well I’m a little cold and could use a good warming hug.”  Maybe he’ll learn, it was an orientation outing.

It was just an adventure like any other, savored and then on to the next adventure.

….so my teaching point today is just a simple one….”There is always a bigger fish!” Thanks again Peter.

Keep casting..




2 thoughts on “8/16/2014 There is always a bigger fish!

  1. When my fishing fanatic brother returns from his fishing trip to northern Minnesota, I’ll tell him to keep going north next time. Incredible numbers! Hope you get the crossbill…next time!

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