“Ghosts” Feb 1, 2014

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Tomorrow is groundhog’s day.  Last year on this day, I awoke three hours before dawn to drive north to Agassiz NWR in search of a bird.  I froze and later, someone died who passed me.  This year I plan on doing something else, church, lunch, Super bowl…the all American day.

Our past is a little like ghosts, specters that appear now and again. some times to haunt, other times to encourage,…..The first memory I have of the Super Bowl is the 1973 Super Bowl where Miami defeated Washington, 14-7 and the lone Washington score was a return of a blocked Garo Yupremian (sp?) field goal, which I remember like it was yesterday.  I was 7 years old.  We played coverall bingo on the radio before hand, we lost, we always lost.

I had an odd talk with my publisher this week.  She is working on a book that has a ghost, a real ghost that changes text and puts pictures in manuscripts, pictures of either himself or the man that killed him, depending on who the ghost really is.  talk about the worst kind of computer virus, the supernatural kind.  I don’t think MacAfee has a program for those.  I kindly asked she didn’t send me that file.

I saw a ghost once, she was in a room in St Martin doing dishes every night after midnight.   Didn’t look threatening, just kept us up.  Could feel her and see her presence.  I finally yelled at her to stop and so we could finally sleep, she did.

We all got ghosts of the memory kind, some of those are almost as scary as the supernatural kind.  Sometimes one unearths things like ghosts which one should not do.  That almost happened to me in Texas last week.  While there on other business, I tracked down some minerals I thought I owned.  I bought them off an estate trust from a long dead lawyer in Duluth, a guy everyone was apparently happy to forget.  Things didn’t look right, something stunk more than the H2S that the sign warned me about.  There was a lease where there shouldn’t have been, what I bought had not been leased in 42 years or so I was told.  I looked at the sign snapped a picture near the Corpus Christi airport and then scratched my head.

Although not 100% sure, it appears, after some research that I did carefully, the trustee got a property mixed up and offered for sale something from another trust.  I got a deed to something not approved to be sold.  Well, it appears a rather rich and vindictive family really owns them and now I got a deed that could get my butt kicked, if they found out.  I was warned by a friend of a partner I have in Corpus to tread carefully.  I am trying to undo what I did last year and hopefully I wont be a ghost.  Somehow this old dead lawyer may be doing a little work at the trustees computer and is laughing at me.

Well old Phil isn’t very accurate, but being a rodent who lives in the side of the city hall in Punxsutawney, no wonder.  It doesn’t matter what he prognosticates, I am just trying to get a few of my things I’ve been juggling done and keep them from haunting me or something.  I finally got some paintings out of customs lock up.  Well I’m off to New York City next week, I got a scary memory from there.  In 1980, rode down a plane with no flaps and we hit the tarmac at Kennedy hard, too hard.  We were struggling back from Europe and made an emergency landing then spent most of the day in an abandoned part of the terminal sleeping on the floor.  I vowed never to return to NYC, but alas after 33 years I have to eat my vow.

We are flying into LaGuardia…………..hopefully I’ll see none of my ghosts from that past, I guess it is best to exorcise them and on Monday flying into the Big apple will do that.

Good luck with your ghosts…………..


3 thoughts on ““Ghosts” Feb 1, 2014

  1. I’m believing more strongly that our ghost is Tom Logan, and he is a friendly spirit trying to tell his great-granddaughter who was behind his murder. At the end of the book, Jackie (the author) is happy and writes that Tom’s voice has now been heard and he can truly rest in peace. But Jackie ends without any solid evidence implicating anyone to Tom’s murder, so Tom did what seems very clear to me: He put the photo of the lawyer, Patrick McCarran (who set Tom’s killer free), and George Wingfield (the man who may have instigated his murder), in our book right before Jackie’s text that states they – Tom, Patrick, and George – are now linked forever in history. I hope the string of “lucky 13s” that strangely appeared are another sign from Tom that we are on the right track. Of course, if George Wingfield placed the photo, that’s another story.

  2. So what ended up happening to the deed you purchased?
    Cute story Olaf….my own recent experience with a ghost I would call more of a spirit encounter. My friend who passed in December has been roaming around our house at night. She is the one who grabbed Alans fingers as she was leaving which made him a believer. Nice photo of the Golden Gate bridge.

    • Bridges to the other side, although when I put things on facebook they just randomly garb a picture………

      Currently, I trying to convince the bank via the auctioneer to give me my money back, and hoping the Isensee family doesn’t notice and I hear from their lawyers

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