September 13, 2013 “The big stink”

sinolea wren 002 (2)It seems I am beginning to have a fetish with bathrooms and outhouses.  I was recently at Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona when I ran into this amusing sign on a bathroom, located in their picnic area.

“Inhalation Hazard…….?”  In an outhouse…wtf?  Poison gas?  So what new smells and fumes have become present in bathrooms these days.  Is the military feeding the troops some high powered protein or secret formula producing noxious gas?  I don’t think so.

It seems we all have to be warned about everything now.  This is due to lawsuits, political correctness, and a new feeling that nobody is responsible for any of their own actions.McDonald’s warns that its coffee might be too hot.  Gasoline tankers warn against smoking, and an outhouse I was to on Santa Cruz Island warned about contracting Hanta virus.  It did this by stating that one should not come into contact with rodents, like avoid sleeping on the ground, eating food that could come into contact with rodents…..and this sign was located in a backpacking campground.

Ok…Inhalation hazard….in an outdoor outhouse.  Should I hold my breath?  Can I do my business in under one minute?  What inhalation risks are there that are not present in my bathroom?  Ok, yes, it may stink…but it’s a bathroom.

Have warning signs now gone too far?

What is next?

Do we need “watch your steps” on curves?  How “beware of sharp edges” on knives?  Maybe even warnings on guns and bullets now?  Where will it end?  I was on a flight recently where we couldn’t have peanuts because someone on the plane had peanut allergies, not that I missed them, but….well I ask, why are planes serving peanuts anyways?

So our big scary ‘best in the world’ military is afraid on noxious fumes in an outhouse.  We can get bin Laden, attack terrorists but an outhouse….well that is too much.

Well, I breathed and lived since I wasn’t fast enough.  I think next time I go birding on a military base, I’m bringing odor eaters or one of those pine tree things you hang in your car, maybe that will protect me, or maybe I will just do my business and get out like everyone has for decades in outhouses.

I’m thinking something really stinks here but I would advise for you to keep holding your breath


9 thoughts on “September 13, 2013 “The big stink”

    • actually I don’t remember seeing that on the women’s door…..maybe you are on something there or being at a military base, too many men, not enough women?

  1. When traveling on Greek islands, I used Vick’s inhalers in each nostril while in the public toilets. Well you may laugh, but it worked! Beware of falling in!


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