August 21, 2013 “The second day of school”

laurenOk, you’ve been all seeing first day of school pictures, kids by buses, kids in front of school, kids with smiles, frowns, scared kids, and some angry children….well Olaf dances to a different drummer.

Here is a picture of our lovely (did I say that?) 13 yr old daughter Lauren posing by a sign of her own creation.

Am I just that much of a non-conformist to have a second day of school photo versus a first day?  More importantly why the first day and not the last, the sixth, the eight?  Well, I am that much of a non-conformist but that is a different issue.

Lauren has to ride the bus again this year, no brothers.  The poor girl had felt guilty as on the first day I with camera ready was waiting when she was dawdling and oops the bus showed up and the photo opportunity was lost so she made a sign and made sure she posed for the first ever….second day of school photo.  I think this will be a new household annual tradition

Anyone else out there have second day of school photos?

Fall has begun my friends


4 thoughts on “August 21, 2013 “The second day of school”

  1. Lauren, I can’t believe how adult you look. Where has my girl gone? I have to say that it’s great that you are growing into a beautiful young lady just like your mum and I am VERY proud of you. Can’t wait to see you in October. Enjoy school and do your best. Love, Jan

  2. We were confused by this since in Ontario, the school year begins the Tuesday after Labor Day and it is considered the beginning of fall. Yikes! Fall starts earlier in South Dakota. Good luck at Grade 8, Lauren! Next year you’ll be a minor niner (there’s a Bare Naked Ladies song about that which is appropriate).

  3. Lauren, what a clever girl you are. I suggest photos every few weeks, documenting your smile and your growth; I bet you have added several inches to your height since I last saw you. I am looking forward to seeing you in December.


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