August 16, 2013 “What is next?”

big pike 021 (2)Many people have asked me what is next? I have broken a world record for birding, been there, done that….Did I go to Disney World…?, what did I do?…so next on my to-do list…well not exactly ..but I decided to go fishing and try to catch yet one more larger than 40 inch pike.  It seemed this was something I could work on for a while, take my time, do it right, catch a monster.

It took me exactly 7 days from the end of my birding project.  I went to Ontario and landed this truly massive, 45 inch 28 lb pike, a real brute.

If you can believe, this is not my largest pike.  October 3, 1992, I caught one over 30 lbs but this is a lifetime fish and I will never catch another this large.

This is my ninth bigger than 41 inch pike and now I am a contented fisherman again…with nothing to do.   Bucket list done.

Some people stay still and wait for the end of the life, and I am the opposite, I keep moving hoping the Devil wont catch me, now, I am like a ship in the doldrums, directionless….so what is next?

I am working on my next project but that will take a few years…some of the more sensitive of you may not approve so I am keeping it tight to the vest until it happens but it is not a short term goal, so what is next?

Do I climb the highest mountain, swim with sharks, or sky dive?

Do I wrestle bears or put on a rainbow wig and a John 3:16 shirt and crash a sporting event?

Well first off, I have to take twins to College…..then….I don’t know, looking for ideas, please include them here, Olaf is in a holding pattern looking for direction.

Stay moving my friends…


13 thoughts on “August 16, 2013 “What is next?”

  1. That fish just keeps getting bigger every time I see the picture. ‘Glad we put that one in the boat
    Have a blessed day
    Your fishing partner
    Gator Greg

  2. You need to do a travel log with lots of photography. Pick a theme – castles, ghosts, rain forests, deserts, railroads, steam ships, archeological digs; something you can delve into history or folk lore, and connect the dots.

    Railroads would be great – traveling the continent, seeing the countryside, as long as Silja agrees.

    • Will have to think about that, I do like trains……was photographing abandoned or nearly abandoned railroads thirty years ago

  3. To complete 2013, there should be only one goal: Aim for over 600 North American species…and you’re wasting days! Start out by scoring the skua in OKC. I’m reading my birding reference books and am ready to help!

  4. Olaf, keeping in mind that my darling, personal Chef Paulo, creates magic in the kitchen, n’kid, I propose a culinary adventure. Set a goal of whatever number of new dishes, maybe linked to your age, and tell the stories, complete with your superb photography. We will cheer you on and be taste testers when together, and I am sure that Silja and dear daughter will be appreciative of your efforts.
    As for the fish…didn’t recognize you with clothes on!

  5. From Thor I resposted it here

    For the ” most interesting man in the WORLD ‘, and in hounour, ( Canadian spelling ), of your celebratory drink on the Pukuk, how about visiting all the single malt whiskey distilleries in the world, and doing a review of each of their products!! If you’re not an expert on the product at the beginning of your tour, I am sure you would be by the end. There are probably actually not that many with most being concentrated in the British Isles. Caveat: we are getting one built across the highway from where I live. Needing good water, they are probably located in some pretty cool locations as well. If your liver survives, you’d probably meet some pretty interesting people as well. In honour of your other lifestyle choice you could even wear a kilt, as we know what they wear underneath. if you present yourself as an official reviewer, and/or author, the pours might actually be free. I’m liking this idea so much I might do it myself, except I would need an official sponsor to defray costs, as most of my discretionary travel money goes towards birding trips. Stay sober my friend. Thor

    P.S. With your heritage you may wish to change this plan to visiting all the distilleries that produce Aquavit, and then travel with some of it as it crosses the equator as part of the aging process.

    • We are leaving at 11 tomorrow for college….at least the restaurant in Ripon has bluegill fillets and Blue Moon Beer…then the crying starts, more when home

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