August 3, 2013 “Out and About in Minneapolis”

accidental nudistI’ve been finishing up two books, on the road, in the air, but I always have time to go and see something different.    On Saturday, I joined a cultured group of Minnesotans to attend and review a play for another publication.  I attended The Accidental Nudist performed at the Mixed Blood Theatre located in the Cedar/Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis. One always has to be a bit suspicious of something called the “Fringe Festival.”

The Accidental Nudist stars Nancy Rae Wass, and is an autobiographical monologue of her life in growing up in a nudist household in England and contains humorous tidbits and anecdotes about her life and her father who was an engineer for the NSA.  During the monologue which Ms. Wass does clothed until later in the show, when she finally fully undresses when she joins her fellow stage goers in the all together.  Her troop of stage actors and actresses (including her parents) mime out the life at a nude resort and beach.  They are generally naked and show the typical behavior of people enjoying nude recreation.  It is almost like two stories in one and not until the end do the two stories seem to meet.

It is a light hearted story and genuinely funny and entertaining.  Like any writer or critic, there would be things I would have done differently since that is just the kind of opinionated critic I am.  Of course some of the jokes and stories are more inside and appeal to her friends and family but I had a good laugh and felt entertained for the forty-five minute performance.  I find monologues always have a bit of narcissism but that can be forgiven in this production.  It was a good production and generally worth the $12 ticket price and the $4 button purchase which would get you into other shows of the festival.  I gave it four stars out of five and would recommend everyone, yes everyone should go and see the play as I think understanding how other people live is good….and no, the audience does not have to get naked.

Shows are at 8:30 on Tuesday, 5:30 on Thursday, and at 4pm next Saturday of this week.  Getting tickets ahead of time, avoids a line at the theatre.

Enjoy the show


5 thoughts on “August 3, 2013 “Out and About in Minneapolis”

  1. “Worth the $12 ticket” wow I don’t remember the kid’s high school productions being that cheap – the local theater in West Palm Beach runs ~$90/ seat. These guys must have saved a lot on costumes!

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