May 26, 2013 “The expedition begins…”

alsaska2 (2)I sit here with some of my crew…my intrepid son, Tyko, recent graduate of high school, and Professor Brown, awaiting my flight to Adak Island and the 2013 birding survey of Attu Island, the first since 2010.

whew….one would think that getting to Anchorage would be getting to some place, but I am less than half way, the 4 hour flight that awaits us over 2 active volcanoes and then the 2 day sea voyage on the research vessel Puk-uk.

Alaska…the final frontier, the place where you can still go and hide out, where no one knows your last name.  It seems you are either hiding here or an outdoors enthusiast.  Anchorage is full of Subarus and Volvos, my kind of place, ….I guess.

Well, two weeks at sea, nine days on an unihabited island located in the eastern hemisphere and it is still…Alaska.  It is even still today there since they bowed the International dateline east to include the island.

in 2000, the Coast Guard left the island to its devices after being present since 1943 and a bloody nasty battle with the occupying Janpanese forces who fought to the last man, only 28 were captured out of 5500.  We took in the teeth as well as it along with Iwo Jima was the costliest battles of the Pacific campaign.

No wars for me, just birds, whales, sea life, and I guess waves, wind, rain, snow….it is going to be brutal, and hopefully, I will get my sea legs and not just die of sea sickness, we’ll see, I will report next on the return as there is no signals of nay type after I leave here, ….nothing, but me and the sea,

I taught Tyko, cribbage, and he is already beating me….it is going to be a long trip my friends…a long trip….

stay well, my friends, drink a beer for me


3 thoughts on “May 26, 2013 “The expedition begins…”

  1. We are soon to buy a Subaru, and we play cribbage- we even have a board at our favourite Caribbean paradise. So, we are even more in good company. I am looking forward to tales of survival of the fittest, but why you and Tyko are there, after such a brutal winter, is beyond my imagination. May the whales breech, the birds stay long enough for you to identify, and the provisions last. Carpe diem.


  2. By the way, those five whimbrels on that snag are considered a rarity for Anchorage at this time of year and were reportable, hopefully sign of things to come,

    Tyko drives a Suburu Forester……plane is late….again… hour fifteen…oh well

    • Tyko drives??? What was I doing when he grew up?..Was outside, suitably undressed, binocs at hand,heard, then saw a pileated woodpecker on our property. That photo looks too cold.

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