“Getting kicked on Rte 66″ May 10, 2013

 Olaf was cruising doing route 66, just getting my kicks, as they say when I cruised into the town of Stroud, Oklahoma.  Now Stroud isn’t much to look at.  They have a famous Rock Café, that has a grill with a suggestive name and a busty woman as its 65 year old moniker.  A grill as a sex symbol?  But what makes Straub really, hum, and a truly galactic center is its…UFO port.

Now you may be wondering where this writer and adventurer has been for the last month.  It was as if I had been sucked up by aliens and actually landed here in Stroud, coming back from Venus, Klingon, or somewhere …up there….but I have really been on a top secret project which most of you cannot handle what sort adventure I have been on.  Being sucked up by aliens would be something more believable than what I’m up to and a lot more understandable.  But the record is mine….

It seems this whole Stroud thing is also a bit of a mystery and seems to stem from a 1955 UFO sighting in July of that year at eleven pm when an object was witnessed by three people.  But it appears that like highway 66, the UFOs have moved out of town as I can find no repeat landings in this central Oklahoma town that more than the highway has passed it by.

I came to Stroud in search of birds, free-living people like myself, and strangely, a large gas well named Venus, a galactic coincidence that can’t be overlooked.  The wife and I searched and searched for UFOs, sightings, or strange lights, and about the best we could see in three days was a 13 year old kid that was the best restaurant manager, I have ever seen (The Rock again).  It makes me feel safe, that there is hope for the new generation.

His advice to me on how to select a good restaurant….”Never trust a skinny chef or a Hispanic selling Chinese food” will be words I always follow when I’m on the road.

Anyhow, I’m back, alive and full of worldly adventures and have many planned….

Beware of the lights in the skies my friends, beware…that and skinny cooks!


2 thoughts on ““Getting kicked on Rte 66″ May 10, 2013

  1. Hi Olaf,
    I have had the pleasure of seeing this twice but now, on 2 different trips to Tulsa (from south) I can’t find it. Do you remember or have a note on exactly where you saw it along 66? Thanks.

    • Stroud, west side of town, north of old 66, I think you could see it from the road, havent been back that way, there is a really good cafe on the east side of town on old 66 looks a little hokey though

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