Feb 18, 2013 “The Frozen Hell.”

Phil Collins, the weatherman character played by Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog’s Day” was asked to make a prediction about the weather.  “I’ll make a prediction about the weather for you:  It is going to be cold, gray, bleak, and it is going to last the rest of your life.”

It has been a tough week.  First while flying back from Florida, we got stuck in Minneapolis due to flight cancellations to Fargo due to blizzard Orka and then we had to wind around on secondary roads due to road closures.

On Sunday, I drove from South Dakota to Roseau Minnesota and the Canadian border and back.  The wind picked up and at spots, there was nothing but ice on the freeway.  Drivers like this one, passed me thinking they were tough and cool.  I drive an AWD Volvo, perfect for this weather, low, heavy and AWD.  So I asked the question  “How tough?”  Ten miles later, the traffic was stopped, and I got my answer.  “Not tough enough.”  His funeral is on Thursday.

I watched red pickups, Jeep CJs, a Toyota Prius, and assorted other vehicles pass me, and end up in snowbanks, on their roofs, or buried deep in snow.  Why?  What is the f-n hurry?

I arrived home two hours late, but alive….today I drove to St Peter Minnesota.  I was an idiot to drive home….all the way home.  I kept telling my kids, scarred in the car. “If you are driving, just stay at a convenience store or wait at a hotel for a day.”  To say I had no visibility in the 50 mph wind was an over statement.  At times, I could even see my windshield.  Whiteout?

I hit something near Watson Minnesota that I hope wasn’t a person.  But if I stopped, I died, since the guy behind me would kill us.  What ever we hit, snow, flesh…it was dead now and like the guy in the rolled SUV, too late for me to do any good.  Life is always about the living.

At the rare times I could see headlights approaching, I’d stop and let them pass as I needed the whole road to avoid the drifts, and the ground blizzard.  They closed the road behind me as somebody knew that if I was having trouble and I’m probably as good a winter driver than anyone they should be closed.

Is it worth it?  Why the f do I live here?  I asked that question as I drank wine last night trying to control the shakes I had from four hours of pure driving hell.  We were alive, the kids cheered.  All this for a college visit?  Was that an omen?

Here are some answers:

I don’t know about the omen but we will be moving, maybe sooner than we had planned.  My friends Stuart and Jan may have a new neighbors.  Gustavus Adolphus College may have lost out in the all important intangible votes for our twins education.  My volvo…I love my volvo.  I will ALWAYS drive a volvo.  I will be more apt to just get a hotel, but in this week, one may just never get home.

Be careful out there my friends…the weather up here sucks


6 thoughts on “Feb 18, 2013 “The Frozen Hell.”

  1. After watching four accidents in ten miles, one fatality, and one poor guy that rolled his CJ and I had assumed he had got out but in retrospect I saw no tracks, but I too late to do anything about it. Two almost destroyed trooper cars south of Fargo from being hit by people behind them being idiots, I dont know why I dont leave this insane place today. It took me an hour to get out of my garage. One of our garbage cans is now a half mile away because of the wind. I need five cars to be able to drive two or three…….my cats are forced to move in the house, the dog……kids can’t even play outside. -5F outside now with 20 mph sustained NW winds, I’ve seen -40 here doesnt matter which scale. seen
    -52F in Wisconsin in 1979, never knew how cold as -52 is red in the bulb on alcohol thermometers, we didnt own a mercury thermometer. I’ve nearly froze to death at least three times ice fishing in my youth and once had to brreak into my house cause my frozen hands could not move the key to open the lock, I shouldered it down.

    I used to say i was young and stupid, laugh it off, I’m really tough, I’m f-n nuts.
    I hate this.

    Another huge blizzard incoming on Thursday, OMG,

  2. Gruesome tales. At times like these I am glad that I didn’t buy Vikki a car. Your weather report sounds horrific and I am so glad that you got back home safely. Even in CT, where there were a lot of idiots with big SUV’s, who thought they could go anywhere and drive as fast as they liked. Black ice stops for no man, even a huge big SUV. The ice just turns them into missiles. Brad, I’ll start looking at homes for you. It would be neat to have you as neighbors. You are in the land of the Elephant Graveyard here, so lots of pickings.

    • It is horrific and the wife is down in SXM……you know why I like spring so much? The ice and snow are gone, it isnt that I like spring so much it is that I hate this…..

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