“Be Fresh” October 21, 2012

Fresh Lousiana shrimp…in Minnesota?

What, are you kidding me?  The dictionary defines fresh as “Recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled.”  How can shrimp picked, stuffed in a rental truck driven 1000 miles to this corner on Hwy 169 in Plymouth Minnesota be “fresh?”

It seems we are all being lied to, and, apparently since I saw a cop drive by this van selling produce probably without a license to do so…it is legal.

Yesterday, I read that most of the honey we buy in supermarkets is NOT honey.  It is either diluted with corn syrup, a Chinese knock off,  or ultra filtered and devoid of pollen, which means it isn’t honey.  The one store with enough guts to answer the inquiry, said people demand clear honey……..NO WE DEMAND WHAT WE PAY FOR!  I think the stores think we are stupid, and maybe we are for buying this stuff.

So for honey buying anyways, buy locally.

Obviously this guy on this corner must sell shrimp or he wouldn’t come up to this vacant gas station lot to sell his stuff.  Is it even Louisiana shrimp?  Was it even harvested this month?

Why are people all over selling cheap Rolex watches, Louis Vitton bags, Cruel Girl Jeans in our large cities, or European cities?  Who would go up in Athens to an African immigrant and buy a “Louis Vitton” bag for 50 Euros?

Apparently some people do or otherwise they wouldn’t be there and would be somewhere else or selling something different.  It is amazing how much counterfeiting is out there.  There was a a whole warehouse of fake Heinz ketchup in New Jersey, there are whole phony Apple stores in China among other brands, can we trust no one?

Even a lot of the sweet corn sold on the sides of roads is actually contract corn stolen or mis directed from Delmonte or green giant fields and they will load up a pickup, drive an hour away and sell it for cash.  Stealing sweet corn, who would have thunk it?

So where exactly did this ‘fresh shrimp’ come from?  My guess is it was stolen from a shipment by organized crime and then sold off in bulk to guys like this who drive around and sell it by the pound for cash.  I’ve seen cigarettes sold like this in New York City and Philadelphia before.  Could this shrimp be unsafe?  Of course it could.  The FDA is one of the governmental organizations that has actually helped people.This is unregualted and come 5pm the guy driving this truck will be gone.  SO WHY WOULD YOU BUY IT?

I don’t know, I can’t save everyone from themselves but in my opinion, meat should be bought off the boat, from a store, and not from some dude in a truck.

It is also like the word “organic.”  Dirt and cow dung is ‘organic.’ There is nothing more natural than crude oil.  Organic food should not be made by huge agri business in my opinion and one has to be careful about paying double for something that could be the same as the ‘non organic’ variety.

Fresh shrimp in Minnesota, we need to eat and buy locally and know where stuff comes from then we won’t be so surprised when stuff isn’t what we paid for.  I think I’m going to go and eat some ‘fresh’ tomatoes that come in a can and I’m going to mix in some locally grown olive oil, and put it on free range chicken that came from a cage….yea, I know, but I figured you won’t notice.  Truth in labeling…?  Maybe?

That is why I apparently have inside jokes with complete strangers, and mosquitos don’t bite me truly out of respect.  I  may be or may not be the most interesting man in the world, but at least the Dos Equis beer I drank this week was real, as it is said, “I don’t always drink beer but when I do, it is Dos Equis.”

Eat well my friends


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