October 15-20 Arizona

Just returned from Arizona and I am currently at #203.

Added 37 Birds to my total including a Loggerhead Shrike, Gambles Quail, Gila Woodpecker, Cactus Wren

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About Olaf

Olaf Danielson is an author, traveler, religious theorists, art collector, and businessman, who lives in northeast South Dakota with his wife “Silja” and three children, four cats, and a dog named Brighid.

olaf wedding

Olaf was born and raised in a Swedish immigrant community in NW Wisconsin, Falun located seven miles east of Grantsburg.  He studied at Ripon College, has a Doctorate in Medicine University of Minnesota, with advanced studies from the University of Iowa, and Thomas Jefferson University.  He birds, northern pike fishes, photographs, and collects, if nothing else, quirky stories and odd life experiences.  He owns two saunas which along with his outside shower at his stuga on Enemy Swim Lake and his stories are his prized possessions.

Olaf writes novels with the theme of mythical Swedish immigrants from the Dalarna province whose lives take unexpected changes, sometimes VERY unexpected changes.  Olaf has published eight novels, and has his last novel “The Windigo,” the final saga of the series is in final editing.  He expects two another new novel, “The Curse of Panther Creek” and the “Enumerator” to be available also by year end.  Boobies, Peckers, and Tits, describes his own crazy real-life adventure.

The Enumerator Cover only Proof2

He has published numerous travel essays and art history pieces and does research in 1880s-1939 world history.