“Boycott” September 25, 2012

Ok, I posted another essay but things change, events happen.

I have had about enough of these refereee.  Now I am a Packer Owner, so I’m biased, but…..c’mon, isn’t this the worst call ever?

I really call myself a baseball fan.  Last year I went to 32 Twins games, I watched over 60 more and listened to most or almost all of the rest.  Near the end of the year I had had enough of the team.  The players didn’t seem to care, and since their owners didn’t care, i didn’t care and I stayed home as going to Minneapolis was too painful to even be enjoyable.  The season started anew this spring and I have not watched a single inning of any baseball game in any fashion or even tuned in a game on the radio all season.  I spent nearly six thousand dollars last year and NONE in 2012.  The Twins, stink and nobody has proven to me that anything has changed.  At least a player from Toronto who had only played nine games doesn’t have the lead in homeruns all time at Target field any more.

It took me five years to come back to the Twins after Ron Davis gave up a homerun back in the eighties, so I don’t know when I’ll come back well and now it is football to hate.

First there was the Vikings-San Fran game which I watched in California.  Four timeouts?  How do you get that?  Extra reviews?…and now this game?  That is it.  This play was without a doubt the worst football call ever but many were bad.

I will now BOYCOTT NFL football until the real refs can come back.  Nobody buy us any football stuff, I’m throwing it away.  I wish the Packer annual meeting wasn’t a month ago as there would have been anger now if it would be in the next week or two.  So having no place to complain, I will take matters into my own hands and not watch a game, a second, anything, from now on.  I will not wear Jerseys, buy anything NFL related, nothing.  This isn’t even fun to watch, and I almost wanted to boycott football last night after bad calls in the Patriots game.  I can’t believe the owners want this.  Whatever….they don’t care, so I don’t care.

Hockey is on lockout, I’m mad at baseball and the BigTen stinks in football.  I guess I need to become a fan of archery, or bowling.  At least in bowling, when someone rolls a strike, it is worth ten pins.  I can wear my Calgary flames jersey.

Turn off the TV, tune out the radio, stay home, boycott the NFL, this needs to end and unless we all do our part we will have more games like this one.



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